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As a licensed clinical social worker I help people who experience the following: depression, anxiety, panic, ADHD, grief and loss, domestic violence and relationship dependence, interpersonal violence, survivor of abuse, trauma, PTSD, medical and physical struggles, survivor of war, survivor of dysfunctional family, and struggles with gender identity. To help you move forward, the space is safe and non judgmental. Counseling with Kian is interactive. Whether you are new to counseling or need help with an ongoing chronic concern, I am here to help. Call or email me today to schedule a no obligation consultation.


From The Mom of a Client:

Kian is a life saver! Her sensitivity, skill and sense of humor safely resolves trauma and simultaneously rebuilds resilience. You’ll feel relief right from the start. 

MS Marriage & Family Therapy

An educational provider in treatment for eating disorder

I am grateful for our work together. And – no chips, no chocolate, and no Takis since our last session!! I have restarted my food plan a few weeks ago and have been pretty consistent so far, but thankful and taking it day by day.

Break the Cycle is an outpatient substance abuse facility. We have clients coming in often that are dealing with trauma and need relief. Break the Cycle was thrilled when we met Kian and began sending clients to her that needed extra help that we could not provide. I, myself, have been to Kian for help with trauma. My personal experience was amazing, my issues now do not seem so prevalent and I have been able to move past them. I have also referred a friend of mine who had experienced trauma. Her statement to me after her treatment was “I wish I would have done that sooner!”


Kian F Jacobs, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Work
Licensed in Florida, providing counseling service to the community in Ormond Beach and Licensed in Connecticut, providing online therapy. 

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