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FREE Online Recovery Support 24/7

This is an online community that helps people process and break free from addictions that include; alcohol, drugs, relationships, gambling, pornography, shopping, hoarding, etc.

This process can be an alternative to AA or NA. It can work for people who have a low belief system of a higher power, or who may not be comfortable with the spirituality expressed in meetings, or feel discomfort with an AA group format that may include “they trigger me to use”, I'm uncomfortable with groups, or gender issues and discomfort about being approached. Smart Recovery provides online support and weekly meetings at various community centers.

Mental Health

For short assessments

Post Traumatic Disorder Screening

National Association of Social Workers

National Institute of Mental Health


Information on EMDR and PTSD

Change a thought

Change A Thought Move a Muscle
Qi Gong

Children and Parenting

Coping with Parenting Challenges

Children and Behaviors


A socially holistic approach, Team Red White and Blue, National Support for Veterans.

Department of Defense, confidential support for veterans in need of help with multi-faceted problems. Individual and family support 24/7 1-800-342-9647.

Valuable and varied Information for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Domestic Violence/Interpersonal Violence

Center Against Domestic Violence, includes teen support

Common Questions Answered


Adult Survivors of Child Abuse:

Male Survivor

24/7 help, DV and cyberbullying


Why I Praise Therapy To All My Friends -- But Won’t Go Myself
I’m ashamed to say that I don’t go to therapy. It’s not that I don’t need it. I have a history of obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depress...

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