Finding the therapist that works for you whether online or in person is a challenge. Understandably, there is reluctance to tell your story, or begin again. One of my primary skills is assessment, so this initial start that is often scary for some becomes more of an exploration and new beginning.


Heart of Sand in Hands for TRAUMA AND PTSD AND EMDR section

Trauma can be an event that occurred many times, or a onetime event, or a feeling or situation that keeps creeping into your mind when you wish it would stop. A traumatic event might involve violence, to yourself or others, or a witness to violence. It can also be what others perceive as a small event, but very much feels to you to be a large event that has had a negative impact throughout your life.

The focus of trauma work is briefly on the event itself and more about your perception of the event, how it has affected your life now, how it intrudes negatively into your life and how it effects relationships with others. EMDR has proven to be exceptional treatment not for erasing the memories but more about reducing the impact memories have on you. Schedule an appointment to learn more.


Woman holding her hands anxiously; DEPRESSION, PANIC, ANXIETY Section ImageThese three seemed to join together years ago. They may visit you, from different directions and at different times. Using a cognitive approach, we can determine triggers and develop appropriate coping skills that may not include substances or other addictions. During this process, your environment, your health and nutrition, and situational stresses are also addressed. Consideration for outside referrals may be suggested. Schedule an appointment to learn more.



Woman Holding her hands in the shape of a heart; INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING in Ormond Beach Section

Talking with a counselor can begin the journey of change, while you might be unable change others you may be able to change your reactions. I believe that one small change can have a significant effect on your life, which then may lead to a new perception in your world. This is simply similar to movement in water. Taking the first steps can be the start you have been looking for. Let's explore this together. Schedule an appointment to learn more.


Family with children locking arms on a walk; CHILD AND FAMILY COUNSELING SectionParenting, blended families, growing up and fitting in, or adult children in the home are all struggles that may benefit from counseling, a person outside looking in. Working through struggles as an adult raising children, exploring how you grew up may help you become a better parent. Schedule an appointment to learn more.